Saturday, January 26, 2013

Quick Update about my letter to TAC

Just a quick update about the letter that I sent to TAC. As of this morning I had still not received any response from the Texas Aggie Conservatives regarding the letter that I sent them Thursday. Because a lot of people have asked, here is a link to the email that I received Thursday morning.  As of today, I sent another email with the same message to all of the contacts listed by TAC on their Contact Page. At this point, I am really just interested in finding out how they justify their actions, not their position. I actually agree with a lot of what they think, but the way that they go about things by demanding less liberal speakers and calling the university as pushing agendas is just frustrating. What do you expect? People to not act in accordance with their worldview? That's nonsense. Can a conservative learn from a liberal? Yes. Can a liberal learn from a conservative? Yes. Are we all in university and able to ascertain for ourselves how things align with our world views? Yes. Is this attack going to change someone's mind? I  really don't think so. I actually don't want to be associated with super radicals personally. Hopefully, I am wrong about all of this and I have misinterpreted everything that happened. But I won't know this until I get contact back by TAC. Which I really do hope will happen. Then maybe people can start thinking more about working together, as opposed to destroying the opposition because of different political opinions.

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