Wednesday, January 9, 2013


I really like books (honestly these things are connected). Books have tons of stories in them! I really like stories, I think all people like stories (thank you Eldridges).

Life is a story. People love stories. Think about all the different stories that you heard when you growing up. Think about all of the fairy tales that you read or watched. Think about the stories that you would ask mom and dad to tell you or to read you. They were relatable. Because people like stories, our lives are stories.

Our stories usually start with Once Upon a Time and then end with They lived happily ever after. But what happens in between those phrases? Life happens! And that is where all the questions that people ask are answered! This is where people ask who they are, where they have been, and where they are going. And the hero's questions are answered, the princess is saved, the people rise victorious, and evil is bested.

I am currently reading a lot more books than I have in recent memory. I am remembering my love of stories! But not only stories, books about my story. Jon and Stasi Eldrige are reminding me about the nature of human hearts, the Divine nature that is in each of us as Images of God, in Captivating and Wild at Heart. Francis Chan is reminding me about the nature of God, the nature of man's relationship to that God, and the absolute necessity of God's Grace in Crazy Love and Forgotten God. Timothy Keller is helping to bolster my conviction that God is absolutely necessary. While science and modern philosophy are becoming more and more at strife with the religious community we are also met with an explosion of violence and hate across all levels of society that prove more than ever that we need The Reason for God to explain to us, actually, remind us, of why things happen. Why evil is all around us. Why things are hard. Because. We failed. And we fell. But, there is hope. Because God saved us. And J.R.R. Tolkien helps me to remember the need for books and stories. The Hobbit is a simple tale about adventure and fellowship. Is that not what we are? Friends on a journey? We are all pilgrims on the great celestial road! Some will leave us before others. Some will find themselves Home before us. But we, Christians, are in this together.

This weekend I was reminded of a noble lady. And her life and her story. I have some dear friends at home. A precious family that my family has been close too as long as I can remember. these people are probably some of the noblest that I can think of besides my parents. And this week they laid their grandmother to rest. As I watched the woman who has become my aunt silently weep, clutching her husband, as she said goodbye to her mother, I was struck by the stories of the noble lady again. As she lay in hospice, in the last days of her life, after battling disease for 25 years, a social worker asked: 'How did you do it? All these years?" Her eyes flew open, she said "Because I believe in my Lord and Savior Jesus Christ. He gives me grace for each and every day. I have no idea how people can live like this without the Lord." and then closed her eyes again. A respit, until the Great Rest.

I was struck. By the severity of this comment. This woman's story was of love and devotion to God and her family and friends. O, that I would learn not only form this example, but also those of the others around me. That I would harken to the promises of God! I am so preoccupied with my momentary afflictions, and my desires, and small problems. Oh that I would relish in The Struggle. That I would relish the refining process and the work of the Potter! She was truly a noble lady.

I deeply hope that that I am marked by this reminder. That these books I am reading will remind me of stories. And that I would become more focused again, on my own story. Because, there are monsters out there. But as G.K. Chesterton told us, they can be beaten.

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